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VASTUKARMA is a leading Vastu consultancy based in Mumbai providing services across India & abroad.

She is Vastu Prabhakar (Silver medallist) from the prestigious Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi and holds expertise in both residential and commercial Vastu.

Welcome to Vastu Karma - Best Vastu Shastra Consultants in Mumbai

Every human desire a life filled with love, light, peace, and prosperity. While dedication, hard work, will, and integrity are some of the factors for achieving a highly successful life, it’s the aura that plays a highly significant role too.
Whether you are facing an existential crisis or an uncomfortable situation at your office or home, Vastu appears to be the ideal solution. It is a proven and well-observed science which manipulates the forces of natures to work in our favor.
Since the right knowledge and implementation of Vastu Shastra can prove to bring in a change you expect in your life, it is indispensable to associate with the best Vastu Shastra consultancy in Mumbai. With a highly efficient team of highly qualified Vastu experts, we at Vastu Karma emerge as your highly reliable Vastu consultants in Mumbai.

Why do we need vaastu?

One might wonder that why this Vedic system of living is becoming prevalent in the modern era. The answer is modern living and lifestyle has somewhere detached us from the benefits of nature and natural energies that influence our lives, and to seek peace, health, wealth and happiness vaastu guides us to allow the presence of a positive cosmic field that regulates our physical, mental and spiritual order. Vaastu helps in building an environment to bring pleasure and well being. No matter where we live or where we work whether big or small but the space should be properly arranged so as to bring a positive energy flow and prosperity. All the elements must be well balanced and placed according to person, place and time. Vaastu not only teaches how to construct but it also tells us how to live, eat, sleep, worship and even how to lead a healthy, wealthy and prosperous life. Vaastu of a place is associated with every individual it is not the same for any two people it changes according to person, place and even seasons. Every direction in vaastu has a utility and none can be considered inauspicious. If everything is perfect and you are leading a peaceful and happy life then your vaastu is definitely ordered but if not then you need a correct vaastu application in your environment.

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As the explorers in Vastu, we know how important it is to have a balanced and serene environment wherever we stay. Peace is of utmost importance when it comes to a better throughput. Being the best Vastu consultants in Mumbai, we render useful support for the following sectors.

● Health: As the saying goes Health is wealth. Without a healthy body and soul, none can lead to a desirable/happy life. With a team of knowledgeable and proficient Vastu experts, Vastu Karma will make sure you lead a healthy life.

● Marriage / Love: A happy marriage adds to the joys of life without putting in any constraints even under hardships. At Vastu Karma, we make sure your life is filled with positivity, love and affection.

● Children: The overall growth of the child is what every parent wants, which is equally affected by Vastu. At Vastu Karma, we take it on ourselves to choose the best for your children.

● Wealth: At Vastu Karma, the experts will help you improve your finances and bring home wealth and prosperity.

“Five elements- The Panchmahabhootas”

Vastu is considered as the amalgamation of various forces of nature involving the five elements of Prithvi, Jal, Vayu, Agni and Akash, which strives to maintain an equilibrium as these elements influence, guide and change the living of not only human beings but every living being.


EARTH is the most important element as all dwelling sites are constructed on it. Earth possesses different energies that influences our life.


FIRE is the tejas tattava. Fire has two elements heat and light. Its energy governs important energies of our lives.


Water is of sattvic tattava. Its proper balance ensures prosperity.


Air or Vayu is an important element of nature, without which all life will come to an end.


Space We are surrounded by an infinite space where all other elements are placed appropriately.

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