Modern flats do not comply well with the vastu principles because construction is made in limited space with modern architecture. It is very important to follow vastu principles in order to live a prosperous life.


These are some major points to be kept in mind for flats but they are not limited to these only:


1. Main Entrance : Entrance from north, east or north east is considered auspicious. Each wall has specific auspicious location to place the main door. Open space left in front of the main gate is good. There should not be any large pole, tree or door (it has its own specifications) in front of your main door.

2. Master Bedroom : South west corner is the ideal location for bedroom. It brings stability. Bedroom can be the farthest room from entrance.

3. Children’s bedroom : North, North East, East and West are good directions. Based on the child’s interest, education and career the direction can be chosen. North West is good for marriageable child and those who want to go abroad.

4. Guest Room : Northwest direction is preferred for the guest room.

5. Drawing room : You can have your drawing room located as per your profession, social circle and availability of space. Preferred directions are East, West and North.

6. Dining Room : It can be in West or East.

7. Kitchen : Kitchen should either be in South East or North West as per vastu. Cook must always face east when cooking. The water taps and drinking water must be in the Northeast direction. Kitchen should not be adjacent to the toilets.

8. Study Room : It can be in North, Northeast, East or West.

9. Balconies and Windows : Flats with north or east facing windows and balconies are ideal, as morning sunlight brings positivity into the house.

10. Bath Room & Toilets : Bath rooms should be in west or south with drains flow in the north-east. One must bath facing East. Toilet should never be located in Northeast.

11. Puja room : Puja room should be in Northeast direction of the flat. Idol should be kept such that you face Northeast while praying.

12. Store Room : It can be in North, North west if grains and kitchen grocies have to be stored and in South for keeping heavy materials.

13. Water storage tank : Should be in the north-eastern corner as early morning sunlight with ultraviolet rays which help in water purification will hit.