One of the major factors for overall growth of work is vastu of the work place. Vastu Shastra principles are followed to improve the inflow of money and for overall success of profession and business. Whenever your work is not progressing without any obvious reason or if you are starting a new work or you are desirous of growth, expansion and promotion you must seek advice from a vastu consultant.


Tips for “Vastu For Office” :

  • The workplace should be spacious with roads approaching from all directions. Right location for office depends on the type of business.
  • There should be no obstacle placed near or in front of the doors of the office.
  • The central part of the office should be kept empty.
  • Taller building or flyover should not overshadow your property.
  • Avoid too much metallic construction.
    Reception should be preferably located in the Northeastern part of the office.
  • The receptionist should face either the East or North direction.
  • Water bodies must be placed in the North East or Eastern region.
  • An aquarium with 9 goldfishes and 1 blackfish is recommended in the Northeast.
  • Executives, managers and directors should be located in the West, South or Southwest areas of the office according to Vastu for office. Eastern and northern zones should be reserved for the middle level management and employees. Field staff should be located in the Northwest.
  • The business space should be of equal height in all directions.
  • Lion faced “sher mukha” plot is ideal for office
  • Vastu for office recommends that the accounts department be located in the Northeastern portion.
  • Marketing department should be in the Northwest of the office design.
  • Try to avoid sitting under the beams. If this is unavoidable, cover the beams with a false ceiling.
  • Vastu for office suggests that the owner or MD should have a rectangular table.
  • Pantry and lunch rooms should be located in the Southeast and Northwest according to Vastu.
  • Toilets should not be located in the Northeast and Southwest .
  • All important documents and papers should be stored in safes and cupboards that face the Southwest direction.
  • All side tables and telephones should be placed in the Southeast corner.
  • Conference rooms are best placed in the Northwest/West direction.
  • Employees who need to improve their performance should first be located in the Western region and then shifted to the Southeast.
  • Placing images of Gods and deities towards the right of mirrors is considered auspicious from a financial point of view.
  • Soft colours keep you as well as your clients cool.
  • The staircase is best located in the South, West and Southwest locations in the office design.
  • If the office has a temple, it should be placed in the Northeast portion.
  • Counter should be made of fine polished white marble as it gives an impression of fair dealing.
  • Goddess Lakshmi is depicted on the entrance to bring good luck and drive away the evil.
  • Follow these simple vastu tips for vastu for office to gain maximum benefit!
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