A Vastu compliant restaurant not only attracts customers but can earn goodwill which is an asset for every business. Commercial projects like restaurants should always be constructed following Vastu rules so as to reap maximum benefits.

 It is advisable to make sitting arrangement of restaurant on first floor only.

Main entrance of the restaurant should preferably be from East or North.

Reception in restaurant should be better placed in Northern side.

Storage room to store raw material, grains etc must be ideally placed in North-west.

Kitchen in the restaurant should always be held in South-east or Northwest. Avoid Southwest for kitchen.

Keep the North-east of restaurant clean and tidy and also incorporate water source such water fountain here or Feng Shui articles can also be incorporated to attract customers .

Toilets should not be located in Southwest and Northeast.

Generators, invertors, geyser and other electrical equipments should be placed in South-east only.

Use yellow, green, orange as wall paint colours. Incorporate dim lights and soft music.

The cash drawer should open in Northeast.

Plot shape should be regular and it should be located above ground level.

People sitting on the reception or owner must face East or North direction while receiving payment.

Avoid beams, pillars, and arches in the restaurant premise as it brings loses.

There must be adequate provision for light, ventilation and a large open space for the kitchen

First floor can be used for constructing conference hall.

For balcony of the Hotel rooms, choose Eastern or Northern sides.

Store for the Restaurant should be built in South-West.

Installation of AC, generator room and other electrical equipments should be preferably done in the South-East.

Swimming Pool can be made in East, North or Northeast.

Play area or park can be made in Northwest.


Garden can be made in North, Northeast or East.

Hotels can be made in dome shape.

Construction of lifts, staircase, bar, spa, etc. should be done according to vastu principles.

Gymnasium can be constructed in South.

Dining hall can be made in West and coffee shop in Southeast or East.

Rooms can be placed in East, South, southwest, west and Northwest.

Landscaping and Fountains or Artificial Water Falls can be Constructed in the North-East, North or East of the entire site.

The Bed in the Hotel Rooms should be placed such that the head of the guest is in the South or West or East and never in the North.

Toilets should not be made in Northeast and Southwest.