VASTUKARMA is a leading Vastu consultancy based in Mumbai providing services across India & abroad. The Director & Chief Vastu- Feng Shui Consultant, Er. Neha Jain is an M.Tech postgraduate who is a professionally qualified Vastu & Feng Shui practitioner and researcher. A keen interest in unwinding the science behind Vastu made her to this mystic science world. She is Vastu Prabhakar (Silver medallist) from the prestigious Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi and holds expertise in both residential and commercial Vastu.

We perform rectification of Vastu faults through classical and modern Vastu remedies and therapies. Understanding the current difficulties in demolishing a structure, we also provide solutions through various Vastu and Feng Shui products. Specific Vastu queries related to health, finance, career, pregnancy and children are also dealt with. We suggest interior decoration as per Vastu principles.

Our services would help you gain good health, wealth and prosperity. We shall be happy to help you.