In today’s generation the trend of celebrating marriage in marriage halls is rising day by day. We may find many marriage halls around us and sometimes we observe that without any genuine reason few party/wedding halls do not prosper well and some flourish well. Marriage halls must have proper section constructed in proper direction as per the rules of Vastu Shastra in order to ensure wealth and prosperity.


Following points must be looked for:

 Stage in the marriage hall should be positioned ideally in West so that Couple sitting on it faces East or it should be made in South so that they face North.

 Entrance is ideal in East or North direction.

 Plot should be regular in shape with openings in North, East, Northeast. Plant heavy trees in South and Southwest.

 Electrical equipments including dance floor, music system and even transformer must be located in South-east.

 Cooking arrangement must be done South-east while it can be served in West.

 Parking should be constructed in Northwest, avoid basement if possible.

 Mandap for marriage must be arranged in North-east being the sacred corner while fire must be burn in South-east corner.

 Toilets in marriage hall must be made in North-west or West and never in Northeast.

 Room of owner should preferably be constructed in South-west.

 The arrangement of stairs, parking, lawn, water tank, open aread and walls and fences must be done according to vastu.