Real estate project is something that requires vastu consultation from its initiation. It is always better to seek advice from a vastu consultant before planning a construction to gain maximum profit. We see nowadays many projects are coming up but some are sold quickly while some do not prosper. It is because they ignore the vastu aspects of their project.
It also ensures that residents of your society live a prosperous and happy life. Vastu is an inclusive concept of home design, decoration and placements of accessories. It suggests the way of arranging the things. Vastu is a selected approach which helps to create a supportive environment.

For a real estate project it is important to look out for the following vastu aspects:

 Soil Investigation

 Society layout and design

 Placement of buildings, pool, shopping complex, club, café, library, park, etc.

 Layout of flats, placement of rooms.

 Placement of lift, escalators, staircase.

 Placement and design for car parking.

 Vastu complaint gates, walls and fences, open areas.

 Society temple

 Underground water storage and overhead tanks, drainage.

It is a very big challenge to make all the flats vastu complaint in a residential project because the entire area has to be utilised optimally for construction. Therefore all the details have to be studied intricately which can be done only by a qualified vastu consultant.

Vastu thus holds significance both for the builder and residents!