Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is based on the concept that every physical object has an electromagnetic field around it that influence and interact with each other. It helps in creating a positive energy field all around by eliminating the negative ones.

It is based on the belief that if there is any negativity around us it influences our mood and lifestyle. As vaastu is based on directions, Feng Shui deals with chi energies. It also covers interior decoration to a greater extent.

It is very important to apply Feng Shui and Vaastu in harmony as Feng Shui originated for different place and weather.

We provide remedies as per Feng Shui using various objects like


Chinese Bamboo

Moving objects

Red Ribbon


Gem Tree

Heavy objects


Bamboo Flutes


Wind Chimes

Money frog

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What Our Customers Say

I was facing multiple problems in my business .One of my friends suggested to contact Er. Neha Jain for vastu correction at my office and residence.Though I did not believe in vastu but by repeated suggestions from my friend I called Er. Neha Jain for vastu correction.I was highly impressed by her knowledge.Now I am getting positive results after vastu correction.I am highly thankful to Er. Neha Jain and my friend who suggested her.

Avantika C


The best thing about their work is that they do not try to fear you with superstitions. I got their suggestion for my apartment and I could easily do the recommended modifications. I got some yantras and other articles from them at genuine prices. I think vastukarma is affordable and trustworthy.

Devika kothari


I would like to rate 5 stars to Ms Neha and her team for the excellent acumen and flawless vaastu services provided by them.


Navi Mumbai

Since Er. Neha Jain visited my home for Vastu correction, I got good results and my faith in Vastu has deepened after her visit.

Dr Amitabh Bhattacharya


I am completely satisfied by the services provided by vastukarma.com. Value for money!!!

Shubham Gulati


Good services. I am satisfied by the query resolution provided by Neha. ????



Very good service.



Very good service.



I was facing a lot of financial problems. I got almost all things done. Then I thought to get Vastu rectification also because I was trying each and everything to improve my situation.post one month I have experienced improvements in my finances. I must thanks Neha for her genuine suggestions. She has evoked my faith in Vastu.

Mrs. phalguni Banerjee


We were facing financial issues since a last few months. Somebody suggested us to take vastu consultation. Vastukarma provided us remedies and we are actually seeing the difference. I am so happy with the work done. Thank you Neha.

Vinita yadav


Great work. Value for money. Strongly recommend vastukarma.

PK Jain


I took the services of vastukarma for Vastu correction at my residence. Remarkable job by Ms. Neha Jain.

S.K. Agarwal


I wanted to do rectification according to Vastu rules at my residence for good health and peace. Vastukarma provided spontaneous service and I am completely satisfied with the way they visit and take the detailing. They properly explained all the changes. Happy with the work.

Ritesh Sharma


I am starting my own business so I wanted to make my office perfect. I read an article on Vastu that stated that nowadays many people are preferring it and it is really working. I am very contended with the work done at my office space by Vastukarma. I hope that it will bring good luck. ????

Ankit Verma


Er. Neha Jain has good knowledge of Vastu.I took the services for my clinic.I am fully satisfied with the work done.

Dr. k.k.jain


I took the services through mail but I am Satisfied with the map correction provided for my house.

Saloni Nigam


i was facing family problems for few years.Somebody suggested me to contact Er. Neha Jain,The Vastu specialist.After vastu corrections I am observing some positive changes in my problems.Thanks to Er. Neha Jain.

Palak Singh


I am thankful to Neha jain ji to visit my home and give me suggestions for vastu corrections.I got lot of benefits from it.

Nisha Gulati


Thanks to Er. Neha jain for solving my problems through vastu correction.

Naman Choudhary


Highly impressed by your knowledge about vastu. The painting provided by you is really good.

Shubham Bansal


I am fully satisfied and impressed by the vastu corrections made for my Hotel .Er. Neha jain has a good knowledge of vastu.I will definitely take her services for my future expansions in my business.The painting provided by her is very beautiful and exclusive.

Naini lodha


To start my new business ,I contacted Er. Neha Jain for Vastu planning.I am completely satisfied with her sevices.

Pradeep Kharbanda


I and my wife were having health problems for a long period.One of my relatives suggested me to contact Er. Neha Jain for vastu corrections in my home.She visited at my home and suggested many vastu corrections at about one month back.Now I am getting very much positive results.I am highly thankful to Er. Neha Jain.

Mukesh Khattar


I am a farmer having 20 acres of agriculture land.Since few years I was facing loss in agriculture.One of my friend asked me to consult a vastu specialist.He suggested me the name of Er. Neha Jain.She visited my site at Sahahranpur.She gave me many suggestions which i followed well.After one year ,for the first time after many years i got bumper crop and got good profit.Thanks to Er. Neha Jain

Bhim singh saini