We can assist you in selecting land for the construction of your house and achieve best Vastu-compliance during the construction. In case of already purchased plot we will assist you the best remedies for vastu defects, if any.
We will ensure the proper placement of rooms and articles to bring positive energies in your surrounding!
The rules for kothi/Bungalow are more or less same as that for the flats. The point to be kept in mind is the open space, garden, car parking, watchman’s post and the organisation of floors of the kothi.

The site should be according to Vastu principles.

Points to be kept in mind:

 Look out the water sources, like rivers, lakes, sumps, wells etc.

 Check the mountains surrounded to your interested property. In which directions the mountains are situated etc.

 Check the slope of land.

 Where do the cardinal directions lie.

 What is the surrounding of your dwelling place. Does it have school, temple, park, etc. nearby? These also affect a home to a great extent.

 Check for surrounding roads. There should not be any “veethi Shoola”.