Staircase vaastu is different for residential and public buildings. It could be continuous or with a landing. The pattern could be circular, square or rectangular. Pitch, height of hand rail, height of each rise, width of the staircase, clockwise or anticlockwise rotation, etc. are constructed as per required vaastu.

Staircases – or stairs for short – are an important part of each and every multistory house. Stairs allow you to move from one level of home to another level – easily and fluently. In vastu shastra, staircases are given very high importance; it is said, believed – and even validated – that a staircase which does not comply with rules and regulations of vastu shastra leads to frequent – in many cases, major – accidents, loss of wealth and mental tension. On the other hand, if stairs are located – and built – as per vastu, then the residents enjoy wealth, health and peace of mind.

A staircase must always be built in the western or southern part of the house. It should not be constructed in the north-east corner, as it is believed that a staircase here can lead to financial losses. In fact, a staircase in any corner except the western or southern corner is believed to lead to losses.

Some basic principles :

  • An external staircase can be built in the south-east – facing the east, south-west – facing the west, northwest – facing the north, and southwest – facing the south.
  • The stairs should always start from the north and go towards the south, or from the east to the west. A turn can also be made to other sides in case of space shortage..
  • The stairs must always be an odd number and the number must never end with a zero.
  • A spiral staircase is not advisable as it is believed to cause bad health. Also, a staircase encircling the building should be avoided as it is believed to lead to calamites.

  • The room having a staircase in the southwest corner of a basement is not auspicious.
  • It is advisable to have doors at the end and beginning of a staircase.
  • Broken stairs must be repaired immediately.
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