Vastu for hospitals and clinics is important to ensure speedy recovery of patients. The aura, ambience and arrangement in a hospital should be such that it brings out positivity and healing in patients. Vastu also provides name and fame to the hospitals and clinics. Those practicing individually can also make their clinic vastu complaint to ensure good work.


Vastu tips for hospitals and clinics :

  • Hospital should be away from residential area but well connected.
  • The surrounding of hospital should be clean, green and without much disturbance.
  • Temple can be in Northeast near the entrance with idol facing south/southwest.
  • Entrance can be from north, northeast or east.
  • Plot should of regular shape.
  • Plant medicinal plants, flowers in northeast and north.
  • Tall trees can be planted in south and southwest.
  • Reception should be at the entrance, preferably in northeast.
  • O.P.D. should be near the entrance.
  • Operation theatre in southwest.
  • I.C.U near O.T. towards south, west.
  • Canteen in southeast or west.
  • Chemist shop in between north and northeast.
  • You can have a pathology lab in west.
  • Hospital administration and accounts should be in north.
  • Wards can be in northwest, east or southeast.
  • Radiology room can be in basement.
  • Accommodation for doctors can be in south or west.

Accommodation for nurses can be in northwest.

  • Blood bank can be in between north and northeast.
  • Mortuary away from the main building in southwest.
  • Various departments are placed in different directions according to the ruling planets and lords.

Look for :

  • Furniture
  • Colour Scheme
  • Air conditioning
  • Disposal  
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