Vastu for a shop is done according to the business type, location and customers. But here are some general tips for all the shops:

 Facing of the Showroom should be in Northeast, East or North direction.

 Colours should be choosen as per the business type.

 Display should be made in Southeast in East facing Showroom, Northwest in North facing Showroom, Southwest in South and West facing Showrooms.

 Cash counter should be in north.

 Preferably a few steps should lead into the shop.

 The staff shoul not sit under beams.

 Salesman, if any should sit in Northwest or Southeast direction.

 No circular or round table should be used to deal customers.

 Appropriate lights should be present.

 Dead stock should be kept in Northwest area.

 All the racks should be placed in southwest along the south or west walls.

 Counter in the Showroom should be in Southwest direction and the owner should sit facing North or East.

 All electrical appliances should be placed in Southeast area.

 Stock should be maintained in Southwest and Northwest area. Northeast should be kept light.

 Puja place should be made in Northeast corner.

 Face of customers should be in West or South.

 Mirrors should never be fixed on South or West walls.

 Stairs should be in Southwest, Southeast or South direction.

 There should not be any stock kept on upper floor above the sitting position of the owner.

 Drinking water should be kept in Northeast direction.

 Computers should be placed in Northwest or southeast area and the person operating it must face East or North.

 Furniture and furnishings should be selected as per vastu principles.

Following points should be taken care of:


 The direction & placement of the windows

 The location of the beams

 The location of the basement

 Placement of the cashier

 The direction & placement of the employees

 The direction & placement of the owner

 Placement of the goods to sale

 Placement of the goods to store

 Placement of the safe

 The direction of stairs