2021-08-08 15:47:08

Declutter : This one is a very common and general rule to be followed in vastu. We usually keep on accumulating stuff and often fail to discard old items. Keeping objects that we don’t use even once a year creates negative energy. Old clothes, utensils, toys, books, etc. all these items not just add weight in the house but also block positive energy flow. It is very important to keep a check on objects that we are accumulating around us. Sometimes we store many objects in our beds, overhead lofts, store room and just forget about it. As much as it is important to discard the unused items it is also important to keep these areas clean.

Clean your doors and windows : As we clean our house and office space, so should we clean our windows and doors regularly. These openings channelise flow of exterior energies in our space. It is very important to keep them clean. Also brightening up the openings helps in inviting positive energies, so light up the door and windows.

Fragrance : Freshness and fragrance are two important factors in creating a positive aura. Your house or office should always smell good. Many vastu faults are corrected just by adding fragrance to a particular direction, especially washrooms. Follow this one basic rule of keeping the washrooms dry and well fragranced to negate ill effect of negative energies.

Repair and Maintenance : As our body needs constant maintenance so does our house. It is very important to constantly repair and maintain the house. As the house gets old it starts loosing out on its energies so a constant revitalisation of the property is required. Get your house frequently white washed, repair seepage or leakage if any. The place should not look damp at all. Once you follow these rules you are definitely going to observe a positive change around yourself. Vastu is all about creating and surrounding yourself with fresh, energetic and positive vibes.

Bring in plants : Plants not only add to the aesthetic value of any place but also provide positive energy. Some plants like tulsi, vilva, brahmi, jade have high pranic positive energy. You can add lots of plant in your east. Thick and tall plants should be kept in south. Aromatic plants can be kept in northwest. Also try to place a few plants at your house entrance, if you have an independent villa you can place plants along the driveway or walkway it will help in channelising the flow of energies to your house. If you have  a stircase in north or centre of the house then you place plants along the steps from top to bottom. Plants add life into any dark dull space. Also keep removing the dead leaves and plants. You can keep plants inside washrooms as well it helps in enhancing the aura of toilets. Try not to keep bonsai and thorny plants at home.A lot of vastu faults can be corrected by simple incorporation of plants.

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