Commercial Vastu

Vastu for Office

A well-designed Vastu-compliant office may bring success and plenty to the workplace.

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Vastu for Shop

Interior design will be useless if Vastu is not taken into account for your business store.

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Vastu for Hospital / Clinic

Doctors are using Vastu principles to build their clinics and hospitals.

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Vastu for Malls / Shopping Complex / Multiplex

Vastu energy allows you to attract a growing number of consumers.

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Vastu for Educational Institute / School / College

In schools that follow Vastu principles, students will have a higher success rate than others.

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Vastu for Restaurent / Hotel

Restaurants built according to Vastu principles not only attract guests but also earn goodwill.

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Vastu for Banquets / Hall

Build a wedding hall according to Vastu principles for a more prosperous future.

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Vastu for Bank

If banks are built using Vastu principles, robberies and theft are unlikely to occur.

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Vastu for Gym / Yoga Center

For the health of everyone who works out in a gym, Vastu is highly significant.

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