Vaastu shaastra is an ancient Indian system of designing and construction that teaches us to live in harmony with nature according to the established classical rules wherein a proper balance of the ‘Panchmahabhootas- air, water, fire, earth and space’ is achieved.

Modern living and lifestyle has somewhere detached us from the benefits of nature and natural energies that influence our lives, and to seek peace, health, wealth and happiness vaastu guides us to allow the presence of a positive cosmic field that regulates our physical, mental and spiritual order. Vaastu helps in building an environment to bring pleasure and well being. No matter where we live or where we work whether big or small but the space should be properly arranged so as to bring a positive energy flow and prosperity. All the elements must be well balanced and placed according to person, place and time.

When the elements are balanced in your environment, opportunities will come. It is up to you to utilize these opportunities. Sometimes you may notice some improvements right away.

Financial problems arise majorly because of defects in the north region of the property as it is ruled by lord Kuber. Following vaastu principles helps you in balancing the northern energies in order to attract wealth. Besides this there are some other defects too like, toilet in northeast, entrance in southwest, etc. which causes financial crisis but these can be rectified with vastu principles.

Modern lifestyle is detaching us from a good health. It is important to live according to vastu principles to ensure good health. We also observe that nowadays couples are facing problems in conception or have high risk pregnancies. Vastu also provide tips to ensure conception and smooth pregnancy. The centre of the house, workplace as well as that of each and every room is very important as it is connected with health and is considered to be the heart of the house or workplace. Centre means Brahmasthan, this would be the meeting point of all the energies from different directions of the home. Vastu helps in rectifying these problems in order to ensure good health.

Vaastu helps in getting good jobs, promotion and profits in business by creating an environment of positivity, encouragement and opportunities. It also balances the energies at workplace creating an overall atmosphere for growth. It reduces the ill effect of negative energies that poses obstacle in the career path.

The best time to take vaastu consultation is before purchasing, renting, constructing or renovating a property to get the best results. However, rectification can be done in an already constructed or purchased property.

Yes, vaastu can help in creating an environment which can stimulate and revive harmony in a relationship. There are some flaws in the place of residence that creates pressure and stress, this leads to friction between two people. Vaastu helps in reducing these tensions.

Feng Shui is based on Chinese mythology and science. It is based on the presence of ‘Chi’, i.e. good energies around us. In order to create a balance of energies the interaction of five elements; Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth and water are studied. This helps in creating a positive environment for health, wealth and happiness.

Vastu Shastra is of Indian origin which was made for town planning and temple architecture. This vedic science believes in pleasing ‘vastu Purush’ to live with Peace, Prosperity & Happiness. Whereas, Feng Shui is China based and is based on ‘Chi’ and ‘Cha’; five elements where metal is different from vaastu. Feng means Air and Shui means Water in Chinese. They do not emphasize much on breaking structures, but have more recluses of the defects in medial items to make your life easy.

But both the science deals with the “balance of energies around us”!

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