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Every individual emits certain degree of energy that we call as “AURA”, this energy field interacts with other energy fields and tends to attract and repel the same. Since our aura continuously interacts with other energy fields it tends to get lethargic. This aura greatly defines our behavior, our physical and mental energies, behavior and mood which is directly related to our relationships, health and success.

With the help of Aura Scanner we can check the compatibility of any object or person with another person, few things for which compatibility test can be performed:
• Gemstone compatibility
• Metal compatibility
• Gold/Diamond/Platinum compatibility
• Marriage compatibility
• Medicine compatibility
• Property Compatibility
• Vehicle Compatibility
• Etc.,

This procedure does not involve any astrological analysis but is purely energy interaction driven.


The seven energy centers of the body are scanned to find energy deficit points, the deficit being caused due to the influence of COSMIC ENERGIES or the SEVEN energies of VIBGYOR in the visible spectrum and the near Ultra-Violet and near Infra-Red which affecting the Organs and Chakras of the Human body

Secondly, analyzing Earth Energies, Ultra-Violet and Infra-Red Radiations and the SAP points, which causes deficit energy in the organs, chakras and body. Geopathic stress was first identified by the Germans who attributed it as the cause of various health problems. Energy correction helps in reenergizing the field such that the health can be improved.

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