Vastu for malls attracts customers, brings profit and maintains durability.

Vastu tips for Malls/Shopping complex:

 Preferably it should be of a regular shape.

 Entrance can be from East, North, South or West.

 Garment showrooms can be located in northwest or north.

 Jewellery, cosmetics, beauty products and accessory stores can be located in southeast.

 Spa can be located in east.

 Salon can be located in south.

 Toy shops, vehicle showrooms can be placed in south.

 Grocery shops, pharmacy, liquor shops can be located between north to northeast.

 Food court can be in southeast or west.

 Book stores, stationery can be in west or east.

 Plant stores, ayurvedic stores can be located in northeast.

 Ready to eat food can be served in west.

 Placement of lift, escalator should be done according to vastu principles.

 Restroom can be made in northwest.

 Washroom should be in south or west.

Vastu tips for Multiplex/Cinema hall

Screen should be placed in northeast.

Slope of the sitting arrangement should be from south to north or west to east.

Refreshment counter should be in southeast.

Projector can be in south, southwest or west as per the screen.

Entry should be from northeast.

Different audis can be located in east, west, south.

Colours, lights, furniture should be incorporated as per vaastu.