Course & Workshop

We conduct workshops twice in a year on different topics of Vaastu Shastra and Feng Shui. If you are interested then write a mail to us so that we may update you regarding the same, also keep checking our website for latest updates on this.

We offer the following courses:

2 days- Vastu Foundation Course

4 days- Advance Vastu Course

2 days- Basic Feng Shui Course

4 days- Advance Feng Shui Course

These courses are also conducted twice in a year. Please write a mail to us for further information on this.

These courses and workshops also include compass training, plotting directions, practical work on vastu fault analysis and rectification and introduction to vastu classical texts.

By studying these courses and attending the workshops you can get good knowledge on both the subjects and you can further stay connected with us for purchasing written material.

vastu purush

In case, if you have attended all our workshops and courses and qualify our benchmark then we can associate you with us for carrying out different projects!

We are organising a one day workshop on 27th May, 2018.

This workshop will broadly cover the following topics:

Meaning and need for vastu

Basic principles/panchmahabhootas/dikpals/vastu purush mandala

Mapping directions and zones/ nav pada vastu

Vastu for residential purposes

Vastu for commercial purposes

Vastu for specific job profiles

General FAQ’s (personal queries)

Registration charges:

INR 8,000/- only

On the spot registration – INR 10,000/- only

15% discount for group registrations.