In order to ensure good health, concentration and overall development of a child it is important to have a vastu complaint room for them. This not only ensures their general well being but also motivates them to achieve their goals. This personal space of a child must be designed as per vastu rules under the supervision of a vaastu consultant.


Here are some basic points :

  • Children’s room can be made in West or East.
  • The location of bed should be in south-west portion whereas the head should be in south or east direction.
  • The door of the room should not be exactly opposite to the bed.
  • The furniture should not be placed at the centre of the room. The furniture should be few inches away from the walls.
  • Almirahs and cabinets should be located in south or west direction.
  • Computer and TV should not be placed in children’s room. If it’s necessary, it’s recommended to place TV in south-east corner and computer in north direction of the room.
  • If study table is placed in bedroom, it should be in such direction that child could face east, north and north-east while studying.
  • Do not clutter the room with too much furniture.
  • Use bright and energetic colours.
  • Ensure proper ventilation.
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