Everybody has become health conscious nowadays. Gym and yoga centres are found in god numbers in a city. Gym provides slimming and muscular strength while yoga centres also focus on meditation and peace of mind. These must be designed according to vastu principles to ensure good work, customers and services.

Here are some basic points to consider:

Constructing a gym really requires a large amount of space because there are myriads of different accessories and equipments that you need to install in this area.


  • The room should be airy and well ventilated. While you are carrying out exercises it is very essential for you to have sufficient source of fresh air. You can install large glass windows for nature’s view.
  • You must select a room that has high ceiling so that the room does not cause suffocation.
  • The floor can have a carpet which would provide you a smooth floor while you are exercising.
  • Gym can be located in South whereas Yoga centre can be located in Northeast or East.
  • Heavy equipments can be place in South or Southwest.
  • Steam room can be in East.
  • Changing room and shower can be in East.
  • Restroom can be made in Northwest.
  • Reception should be in North.
  • You can place flowers and plants to give peace and positivity.
  • Mats are important for you to install in your gym for carrying out exercises like power yoga and others which you do while you are sitting on the floor. In addition to this you can also purchase weightlifting straps, adjustable bench and other versatile accessories as per vastu norms.
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