Colour therapy

Colours play a very important role in our daily life. The seven colours of solar spectrum also represent seven vedic meters: Gayatri, Trishtup, Anushtup, Jagati, Pankti, Brihati and Ushnik.

In order to keep our body and mind healthy, colour balancing is required to be maintained. Both deficiency and excess of any colour in our body causes physical and psychic problems. You must take advice from a vastu consultant on how to incorporate different colours in your surrounding.

Colours can be inculcated by wall paints, paintings, curtains, lights, carpets, etc.

RED: Planet sun and mars rule red colour. Red symbolizes passion, warmth of fire, sensations, power and authority. It is the ruler of south direction. During winters red colour gives positive effects. It is useful for police stations, butcher shops, barbers, surgeons, dentists, chemists, electricians and professors. It is a good colour for gymnasium.

ORANGE: Orange is ruled by moon. It is the colour of water. It is the colour of aspirations, energy. Orange has both the qualities of red and yellow. This colour is not preferred in the purest form at home you can use peach, salmon, etc. this colour can be used in a prayer room or study room. A painting of sun incorporates a lot of orange colour.

YELLOW: It is ruled by mars and Jupiter. It is directly related with money, material and prosperity. This colour can be used in entertainment rooms, kitchen or living room. It is advisable not to use dull yellow colour.

GREEN: Green is ruled by mercury. Green is restful and peaceful. It is good for yoga room or any other room that is used for relaxation. Green is the colour of spring time, hope and youthfulness.

BLUE: Jupiter rules blue colour. It is the most preferred colour for hot areas. It is good to paint bedroom with blue colour. Different shades of blue can be used in washroom. Blue colour increases spatial element so the ceiling can be painted in light blue colour.

INDIGO: It is ruled by venus. Venus represents beauty, charm, joy, relationships. Include this colour in garments, bedsheets, cushions, carpets, curtains, etc. as deficiency of this colour may lead to health problems.

VIOLET: Violet is a mixture of red and blue with greater portion of red. Planet Saturn rules this colour. Researchers, people seeking spiritual enlightenment should use this colour. Too much of violet makes you lazy. It is not good people working in share markets and gambling.

Colours have to be used very carefully as using their combinations or mixing different colours have different effects. Colours can change visual size and shape of a room as well as create a warm environment.”


“ Remember to choose right colour for the right place and right person!”

Water therapy

Water therapy is effective in curing diseases, stimulating peace and attracting wealth.

How to apply water therapy?

 Washing feet with cold water before going to sleep can cure bad dreams.

 Drinking water kept in coloured glass bottles supplies the lacking colour.

 Water is itself a medicine and everything in the water acts like medicine.

 Ponds having fish represents wealth. They are the reservoirs of benefic energy.

 Aquarium represents wealth. They bring life and water both in the home.

 A fountain can cut negative energy and attract wealth.

 A bowl of water with floating lamp stimulates still environment and brings serenity.