A Yantra is a geometric design acting as a highly efficient tool for contemplation, concentration and meditation. Yantras carry spiritual significance, and point the user to higher levels of consciousness. The idea is that every shape emits a very specific frequency and energy pattern. When one focuses on a Yantra, his mind is atomatically “tuned in” by resonance into the specific form energy of that Yantra. The process of resonance is then maintained and amplified. The Yantra acts only as a “tune in” mechanism or a doorway. The subtle energy does not come from the Yantra itself, but from the macrocosm. Basically Yantras are secret keys for establishing resonance with the benefic energies of the macrocosm.  A Vastu Dosh can be corrected through the changes in the rooms, through interiors of the house, by changing the placements, by using regulators or using some charged objects. 

Shukra Yantra

Blesses the natives with courage, confidence, stability and wealth.

Guru Yantra

Increases positivity, mental peace and spirituality.

Mangal Yantra

Increases auspiciousness of mars, makes one free of debts, helpful in getting alliance.

Vyaapar Vriddhi Yantra

For escalating business, career growth.

Buddh Yantra

Increases positivity, mental peace and spirituality.

Why buy from us?

We provide all kinds of yantra that are authentic and hand-made, designed by ancient methodology

Each yantra is created as per individual’s horoscope after screening the kundli with name engraved and is duly charged

No elements are used so that the yantra is not combust with effect of composition of plates

Expert suggestion on how to place, worship and energize the yantra at home

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