Vastu Products

Every object in the house has its own energy and a strong influence on the people staying there. To balance the energies of a place some vastu products are used. These products have their own energy field which stimulates positive energy and reduces negative energy of a place. When rectification cannot be done simply by rearrangement, then vastu products are used. Nowadays, demolition is not easy to perform therefore; these products are used to reduce the ill effects of bad energies around us.

We suggest vastu products after detailed study of your property and it is your choice to get the products from us or buy them yourself. It is important to buy the correct product, made up of the right material, in the right way. Also, it is very important to Charge some products, specially yantras in order to activate them.

We provide products in the following categories:

 Vastu Pyramids

 Vastu Yantra

 Vastu Paintings

 Vastu Enhancers