Nowadays shopping malls have become very popular as one gets everything under one roof in a closed air-conditioned environment. People prefer to go to shopping malls rather than local markets. Vastu for shopping malls and shopping complexes attracts customers, brings profit and maintains durability, and also increases popularity. 

Here are some tips for Vastu for shopping malls and shopping complexes:

  • Preferably it should be of a regular shape. Besides square and rectangle, octagon and hexagon can also be used for malls.
  •  The entrance can be from East, North, South or West. The entrance should be well decorated and attractive.
  • Showrooms are placed depending on the ruling planet.
  •  Garment showrooms can be located in the northwest or north.
  •  Jewelry, cosmetics, beauty products, and accessory stores can be located in the southeast.
  •  The spa can be located in the east.
  •  The salon can be located in the south.
  •  Toy shops, vehicle showrooms can be placed in the south.
  •  Grocery shops, pharmacies, liquor shops can be located between north and northeast.
  •  Vastu for shopping malls suggests that food court should be located in the southeast or west.
  •  Book stores, stationery can be in the west or east.
  •  Plant stores, ayurvedic stores can be located in the northeast.
  •  Ready-to-eat food can be served in the west.
  •  Placement of lift, escalator should be done according to Vastu principles.
  •  The staircase should be placed in the south or southwest.
  •  The Center should be kept vacant.
  •  The restroom can be made in the northwest.
  •  The washroom should be in the south or west.

Vastu for multiplexes/cinema hall is also very important as you might have noticed that some multiplexes do not run well without any obvious reason and some even get closed. Vastu for Multiplex/Cinema hall ensures smooth and continuous functioning; attracts customers and brings profit.

  • According to Vastu for multiplexes/cinema halls the screen should be placed in the northeast.
  • The slope of the sitting arrangement should be from the south to the north or west to the east.
  • The refreshment counter should be in the southeast.
  • The projector can be in the south, southwest, or west as per the screen.
  • Entry should be from the northeast.
  • Different auditoriums can be located in the east, west, south.
  • Colors, lights, furniture should be incorporated as per the rules of Vastu for multiplex/cinema hall.

Follow these simple tips of “Vastu for shopping malls; Vastu for multiplex/cinema hall to ensure wealth and prosperity.


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