First of all an ideal site, free from any of the Vastu defects should be selected. After selecting the site, special attention should be paid in designing a lay-out for industry and allocating space for different utilities. Industry facing is chosen according to the direction. Each direction is governed by a ruling planet which has its own characteristics. Keeping in mind the suitability of a particular direction for a specific work, the facing of factory is decided.

Following table broadly explains (but is not limited to) best suited directions for different factories:

North Textile, Printing, Manufacturers of media accessories, Press, pharmaceutical industry, food industry.
Northeast Manufacturers of religious products, books, stationery, brewery.
East Books, printing, paper, limestone.
Southeast Chemical industry, plastic industry, diamond/jewellery, electronics.
South Steel industry, cement industry, gymming equipments, heavy machinery, coal, oil mills.
Southwest Pesticides, Dangerous chemicals, weaponry.
West Agricultural industry.
Northwest Vehicle manufacturers, wood industry.

The ideal factory concept according to Vastu

A compound wall is a must.

The main entrance of the Factory should be situated towards North, East or North-East to gain excellent profits.

The entrance door should always be of a greater size.

A big Factory should have doors on two sides. They should be on the North, East, North-East or North-West.

The finished products should be taken out factory through the door at the North-West direction. This will ensure quicker disposal of finished products and greater profits for the Company.

The South and West area of the compound should never be kept empty or vacant.

Energy meters, Furnaces, Transformers, Generators, Boilers etc. and other equipment involving heat-energy should always be kept in the South-East direction. This is very essential for smooth operation of the Factory.

The Storeroom of the Factory should be in the South or West direction. The Storeroom may extend from South towards the West. This will provide great assistance for continuous flow of goods in and out of the Factory.

It is very important to keep the North-East area of the compound and that of inside the premises very clean and open or empty.

The office in the Factory should be located in North or East direction. During business deals and discussions, the owner should always face the North of East direction for reaping greater benefit from the deal.

The heavy machinery in the Factory should be kept on the South, South-West and West areas of the Factory.

The final products to be processed for sales should be kept in the North-West area of the Factory.

The toilet of the Factory should be located in the North-West or South-East direction.

North West side or South-East side are the best positions for the guardroom.

Parking area should be provided at North-West of North-East also. However, in the North-East area only the light vehicles like scooters, cycles etc. are permitted.

Water Pumps, Bore-Wells underground Water tanks; Pumps etc. should be located in North-East area only.

If overhead Tanks are to be constructed or erected, they should be at West. In any case South-West and North-East area must be avoided for erecting overhead Water Tank.

Storing of any Raw-Material, whether inside or outside in the Industry or Factory must be in the South, West or South-West.


Some effects of vastu fault as per observation in industries:

One additional gate on SOUTH-WEST: Industrial unrest, defect in Machinery, Inadequate orders.

Underground tank in NORTH-EAST: Financial constraints, poor recovery of dues, forced to supply finished goods at lower rates, low utilization of production capacity, low profits.

Toilet in NORTH-EAST and extended plot in NORTH-WEST region: Financial crisis, low profit.

SOUTH-WEST part of the plot extending out: Inspite of full utilization of the plant, there is loss instead profits.

Extension of SOUTH-EAST: Frequent fire accidents.

A factory should therefore be designed according to vastu principles for smooth functioning and earning profit.