Vastu For Housing Societies and multi-Storey residential Complexes

Living in multi storey buildings specially in metropolitan cities has become unavoidable. The same principles of orientation in Vaastu Shastra are applicable on full apartment block as well as each single apartment. The points to be considered are:

Points to be kept in mind:

  • Designing the full society.
  • Selection of a flat.
  • Arranging the flat.

Here are some points to be considered while purchasing a flat:

  • Plot should be square or rectangular shape.
  • A society with roads in east/north will reap benefits.
  • The compound wall and gate should be according to vastu principles.
  • Facilities like gymnasium, library, swimming pool, shopping complex, coffee house, salon, hall, conference room, etc. should be located as per vastu principles.
  • There should be no leakage in the flat.
  • The flat should have proper ventilation.
  • Be careful regarding pictures, paintings, mirrors, wall paint, plants, etc.
  • All the wires, electrical lines, cable should be concealed.
  • Consider the location of flat, house no., floor, location from lift, etc.
  • Make partition wherever necessary, like, drawing-cum-dining, kitchen-cum-dining, bedroom-cum-study, kitchen-cum-pooja ghar, etc.