Vastu for bank

Vastu for bank is important to ensure smooth functioning, maintain good customer relationship and ensure safety.

Vastu tips for bank:

  • It should be in north and north should be open.
  • Entry should be from northeast.
  • Strong room should be at maximum distance from entry.
  • It should not have too many openings, but good ventilation.
  • Manager should sit in south, west or southwest.
  • Staff should sit facing north or east.
  • Counters must be made of wood.
  • All kinds of documents can be kept in northwest or southwest.
  • Cashier must sit in north or east.
  • Cash distribution should be from west or north.
  • Other staff should occupy west.
  • Enquiry should be in east.
  • Meeting hall can be in west.
  • Slope should be towards northeast.
  • Loan counter can be in east.
  • Waiting area should be in northwest. Drop box should be near it.
  • ATM can be in southeast.
  • Pantry should be in southeast.