The word “Vaastu” is not confined to one meaning, various classical texts have given diversified interpretations according to the Sanskrit word from which it has been derived, like, ‘vaas’ which means ‘to reside’; ‘vas’ which means ‘articles’; ‘vasu’ which means ‘the earth’ and many more. Vaastu shaastra is an ancient Indian system of designing and construction that teaches us to live in harmony with nature according to the established classical rules wherein a proper balance of the ‘Panchmahabhootas- air, water, fire, earth and space’ is achieved.Vaastu relies on the belief that every particle on earth possesses energy and is live and the way in which we take care of our bodies we have to take care of every article present around us.Vaastu is a very scientific ancient knowledge which should not be correlated with any blind faith or magic. It is practically applicable, acceptable and achievable.