Want a Better Living ?

Enhance a positive
living with energy

This universe is built of positive and negative energy. Energy Vastu aims at eliminating all the negative energy and enhancing the positive energy for a better and healthy life.

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What are Benefits of Vastu Shastra ?

Vastu helps in financial
prosperity and career stability

As per Vastu universe is made of five elements, that is earth, air, space, fire & water. Vastu helps to maintain the balance between these elements which is very important to attract positivity at in house.

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Why do we Need Vastu ?

Vastu Shastra helps in a better &
prosperous living

You can have more peace and clarity at your place and that is the importance of Vastu Shastra. Vastu is the bridge between energy and the environment.

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Specialist in Energy Vastu

Aura Energy Scanning- Energizing Built Spaces

ENERGY VASTU is a scientific procedure of quantifying positive energy, assessing geopathic stress, IR/UV points, SAP points and thereof neutralizing them to eliminate high-frequency radiations.

Geopathic Stress IR/UV Points SAP Points

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Welcome to Vastu Karma - Best Vastu Shastra Consultants in Mumbai

Every human desires a life filled with love, light, peace, and prosperity. While dedication, hard work, will, and integrity are some of the factors for achieving a highly successful life, it’s the aura that plays a highly significant role too.
Whether you are facing an existential crisis or an uncomfortable situation at your office or home, Vastu appears to be the ideal solution. It is a proven and well-observed science which manipulates the forces of nature to work in our favor.
Since the right knowledge and implementation of Vastu Shastra can prove to bring a change you expect in your life, it is indispensable to associate with the best Vastu Shastra consultant in Mumbai. With a highly efficient team of highly qualified Vastu experts, we at Vastu Karma emerge as your highly reliable Vastu consultants in Mumbai.

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There is a holistic approach in analyzing and rectifying any vastu fault, vastu is also individual specific so only a professional consultant can guide in the right direction.

You should always choose a professionally qualified consultant who has a scientific approach.

It helps in uplifting energies to bring positivity in life.

Energy vastu treats all the negative energy points to create an overall positive electromagnetic field. Anything works better in a corrected energy field.